We are creating a Racial Justice Trust Fund to address the impact of structural and systemic injustices.

The fund will be seeded with an initial $ Billion and open to anyone who wants to contribute.


launching the fund

Our Mission

The Racial Justice Trust will be a first step toward achieving justice by building wealth in historically marginalized communities. 

Our mission is to acknowledge the policies and practices which created the racial wealth gap, bring people together to begin the work of repairing the damage they've caused, and make progress towards building a more just and equitable society.

Our Values

We believe that there were many massive wrongs that were committed whose impact is still felt and lived that deserve some measure of redress.

We believe the racial wealth gap is an enduring obstacle to the just and equitable society we want to live in.

We believe the only way to move forward is to deal honestly with the past.

We believe that we must focus our efforts on the types of solutions that offer the greatest potential for advancing wealth and economic opportunity.

We believe the only way to make substantive and sustainable impact is to engage people most impacted in the development and implementation of solutions.

We believe we all have a duty to further justice and just institutions. A range of public policies and investments will be necessary to remedy this massive inequity. The Racial Justice Trust is a first step. Join us and help make this vision a reality.

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